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Our Philosophy

We believe that a long term perspective is a prerequisite for investment success. We also believe that over the long term, a value approach to equity selection may exceed all other strategies. We do not believe in market timing or frequent re-allocation of client portfolios. On the contrary, we believe that a well conceived investment plan will withstand the test of time without the need for frequent changes.

We believe that bonds are for income and therefore attempt to structure fixed income portfolios using a short to intermediate term laddered approach. In most cases, we will limit our purchases of bonds to investment grade issues as defined by Moodys and/or Standard & Poors.

A laddered approach would involve investing equal dollar amounts maturing over a specific period of time. If rates rise, you will have monies coming due which can be re-invested at the new (and higher) rates. If rates stay stable, you will have a reasonable rate of return. If rates decline, you will have the majority of your monies locked in at more attractive rates.While this approach adds flexibility to a fixed income portfolio, it does not eliminate the risk of market value decline in times of rising interest rates.




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