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Invest your money wisely.
Share your profits generously.


Our Difference

We listen to clients, we really do.

  • Our goal is to help people identiy their comfort level as it relates to investing. We refer to this process as identifying the client's circle of comfort. We do not use a computer model that assigns a numerical number to the client... rather, we ask questions relating to risk aversion and listen very carefully to the answers.
  • We view our role as both teacher and guide. We encourage our clients to question their investment portfolios and the suggestions we make.
  • We hand-craft each and every financial report. We never assume that investors who answer a series of questions the same way are identical in their investment portfolio needs.
  • We help first-time investors establish long-term investment plans, and if asked, identify specific investments suitable for execution of those plans.
  • We help seasoned investors monitor their existing portfolios and adjust holdings as life circumstances dictate.
  • When working with couples, we attempt to help the partners recognize how their individual thoughts and feelings impact the couple's investment decisions.
  • We offer clients a choice of fee options, including hourly rates.


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